15ml, 30ml and 60ml are available for all e-liquids.


Our Mojito features fresh Lime flavor with white rum, sugar syrup and hint of mint.

Let's get freshen up with Coedo Factory's Mojito!!

Piña Colada

Based on the fresh pineapple juice, we build delicious Piña Colada with coconuts and white rum. 

Enjoy rich flavors of pineapple and coconuts!

Coé de Kahlúa Milk

Plenty coffee liqueur and Milk make the perfect harmony. 


Bitter coffee and sweet milk flavors make you feeling luxury.

Coé de Sex on the Beach


It's the best cocktail e-liquids ever!  Cranberry juice, peach liqueur and pineapples are perfectly mixed up and blended.

Enjoy this summer evocative tastes!!

Strawberry Milk


Are you ready to feel like a kid again?

Combination of sweetened milk and ripe strawberry bring back memories to you!

Melon Soda Float


This is exactly Japanese Melon Soda Float, also called Cream Soda in Japan.

You can touch Japanese nostalgia with it!

Shaved Ice w/ Green tea & Sweet beans


The Japanese traditional flavor of shaved ice.

​Enjoy richness of green tea and delicate taste of sweet beans.

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